Best Scooter Brands

For most people, buying a new car looks fairly easy. Experienced or not, a driver has a general idea of the automotive market and knows at least five trustable brands that he or she can choose from. When it comes to spending money on a scooter, however, things can get a bit complicated. The sector of two-wheel motorized riders is oversaturated with reliable models produced by reputable companies or lesser known names from the industry. The following is a shortlist of some of the best scooter brands that you can safely invest in.

With no significant scooter companies coming from North America, you should definitely go for an Asian manufacturer that has a long history in this business. Honda is one of these, and probably the safest bet to make when buying a new scooter or a second-hand model. Despite being famous for its cars, the Japanese company provides a wide selection of two-wheelers that are known for their slick design and longevity, especially if the parts were made in the producer’s home country.

Japan has another two worthy scooter brands in Yamaha and Kawasaki. These two companies are well-known for producing powerful race bikes, and while in recent years they have released less eye-catching models, they can still hold firm against European companies like BMW and Vespa. The former company started as a producer of plane parts a century ago before entering the automotive industry. Their cars are a synonym for power and elegance, while their motorcycles and scooters are notorious for speed, performance and durability.

Because of popular movies of the 1950s, like “Romantic Holiday”, which offer an authentic image of Italian lifestyle, companies like Vespa and Piaggio have emerged as world-known scooter brands that have stayed true to their quality standards until present day. Models from both Italian producers are likely to give you the thrill of classical scooter riding.