How to ride a scooter – skills and safety

They say that learning to ride a bike is one thing that will stick with you forever. The same goes for the scooter, a bigger and heavier vehicle, but just as easy to drive through the overcrowded avenues of your city. Here are just a few tips that will help you ride a scooter with skill and with an eye for safety.

Know your ride. Once you buy your first scooter it is a good idea to drive it only in a parkway or on less populated alleys at first. This way you will get to know its motor power, turning ability or the quality of its breaking system. It is also a good method to find out more about you as a rider and discover your traits and limitations.

Wear protective gear

Not everybody is keen on wearing a helmet on a scooter, especially when riding at 6 mph in their own neighborhood. However, it is when you least expect it that an accident happens and a fall, even at a light speed, can lead to serious injuries. Therefore, it is crucial that you wear your helmet at all times.

Beware of blind spots. Riding a scooter is a responsibility towards the safety of every traffic participant, which you assume when you earn your driving license. One of the main causes of accidents that involve scooters is the lack of attention and mobility of the riders. While being on a motorway, a scooter driver has to be aware of everything around them and avoid turning cars or jaywalking pedestrians.

Concentrating only on what is ahead and relying just on the rearview mirrors is not enough. You must be able to turn and look over your shoulder from time to time, or anticipate the movement of other vehicles coming from the sides. As you start riding on a regular basis, you will develop your skills and soon most of your movements will become automatic reflexes.